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Laura Torrado Mariñas has a BA(Hons) in English Studies from the Universidade de Vigo (2008) for which she was granted the Extraordinary Award to Academic Excellence in the year 2009. During the last year of her BA, she was given a scholarship the Autonomous Government of Galicia. to carry out a research project on the characterization of bibliographic materials related to cinema at her home university.  After obtaining her MA in Advanced English Studies (2010), she was awarded a three-year long pre-doctoral grant from the by the Autonomous Government of Galicia under the supervision of Dr Jorge Luis Bueno Alonso.

She is a member of the LVTC (Language Variation and Textual Categorisation) research group at the Department of English, French and German Philology, where she carried out part-time teaching duties. She was an Honorary Visiting Researcher at Queen’s University Belfast between January and June 2013, although she has also spent time at Bristol University as an Erasmus student and The University of Edinburgh. She presented her European PhD dissertation, entitled “Þæs ofereode, þisses swa mæg: A Multi-perspective Analysis of the Concept of Transience in the Anglo-Saxon world” on September 2014, which was awarded the Cum Laude Mention.

Currently teaching at the Official School of Languages, Laura Torrado has published a series of critical articles on literature and linguistics, as well as two monographs, one edited volume and various book chapters. She co-organised the 2011 international conference Bridging the Gaps, Minding the Context at the Universidade de Vigo and is currently involved in the organization of the Fourth International ASYRAS Conference, which will be held in 2015.


1. Monographs and edited volumes

  • 2013. Alonso Alonso, M; Cernadas Carrera, C. y L. Torrado Mariñas. The Interface of Romance Languages: Using Plurilingual Sensitivity as a Pedagogical Tool. Munich: LINCOM Europa.
  • 2012. Bueno Alonso, J. L. y Laura Torrado Mariñas. 2012. Judith: Texto, Estudio y Traducción. Vigo: Servizo de Publicacións da Universidade de Vigo.

  • 2012. Alonso Alonso, María, Alba de Béjar Muiños, Jeannette Bello Mota y Laura Torrado Mariñas, eds. Weaving New Perspectives Together: Some Reflections on Literary Studies. Cambridge: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

2. Book chapters

  • 2012. ““Ides ælfscinu", "Nergendes þeowen" or both: The Old English Judith as the Germanic Heroic Syncretic Portrayal of a Christian Tale”. In Javier Arista et al. (eds.) Convergent Approaches to Mediaeval English Language and Literature. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars Publishing. (pp. 205-224)  ISBN: 978-1-4438-3877-1.  
  • 2011. “Hiromi Goto’s The Kappa Child: When Myth Destabilizes Reality”. En Javier Ruano García et al. (eds.)  Current Trends in Anglophone Studies: Cultural, Linguistic and Literary Research. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca. (pp.255-264)  ISBN 978-84-7800-157-63.

3.Selected Articles

2012. Alonso Alonso, M., R. Alonso Alonso y L. Torrado Mariñas. “Hedging: an exploratory study of pragmatic transfer in nonnative English readers’ rhetorical preferences”. Ibérica AELFE, 23: 47-64. Cádiz: Universidad de Cádiz.
2011. Alonso Alonso, M. y L. Torrado Mariñas. “Religious Focalisation in Dictionaries: A comparative case study between English and Spanish”. Revista Alicantina de Estudios Ingleses. Número Especial: Words on Words and Dictionaries. 24: 7-29. Alicante: Universidad de Alicante.

2011. “The Old English Judith or Virtue Rewarded?. Clepsydra, 10:27-43.  La Laguna: Servicio de Publicaciones de la Universidad de La Laguna.
2011. “Definite Article Use in the Interlanguage of Spanish Speakers: A Multidimensional Problem”. Miscelánea. A Journal of English and American Studies, 42: 87-105. Zaragoza: Universidad de Zaragoza.
2010. “Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends..:” Olivier and Branagh’s Henry V or Two Context-Dependent Renderings of the Shakespearean Original.” ODISEA, 11: 155-168. Almería: Universidad de Almería.


- Historia do Primeiro Idioma Estranxeiro I: Inglés, in collaboration with Dr Nuria Yáñez Bouza, Spring Semester 2013-2014

- Lengua Inglesa I, in collaboration with Dr Araceli González Crespán, Winter Semester 2012-2013

- Idioma Extranjero I, Inglés II, in collaboration with Dr Rosa Alonso Alonso, Winter Semester 2012-2013

- Inglés Técnico, Spring Semester 2011-2012

- Ámbitos Literarios I, in collaboration with Dr Jorge Figueroa Dorrego, Winter Semester 2011-2012

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