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Our group represents a number of backgrounds and research interests, with a perspective to the description of variation and change in English. The aim of the group is to increase understanding of theoretical and usage-based issues such as word order, information structure, characterisation of spoken and speech-based text types or genres, processing of clausal and phrasal constituents, subjectivity, language-music interfaces, influence of prespectivism and grammars on actual uses, multilingual environments, the study of World Englishes, or the syntactic integration of adjuncts, disjuncts and secondary predicates within the English clause. This covers a wide range of issues and topics and some of our work overlaps with applied linguistics, general linguistics, sociolinguistics and psycholinguistics. To find out more details about the work we do, including publications, funding, presentations and lectures, visit our ‘People’ pages.

We warmly welcome people, post-doctoral and PhD students interested in areas such as empirically-driven theory advancement, corpus linguistics, conversation analysis, sociolinguistics and World Englishes.

Our Research Projects

Research carried out by the group has attracted funding from bodies such as the the Spanish Ministries of Science and Education, the R+D+i Directorate at Xunta de Galicia or the Vice-Rectorate for Research at the University of Vigo. Below are some examples of recent funded research:

- project ‘Linguistic and textual variation in Modern English, with special attention to the Late Modern period’, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Science (BFF2001-3505; PI: Javier Pérez Guerra)
- project ‘Linguistic variation and textual characterisation in Late Modern English’, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Education (HUM2005-02351/FILO; PI: Javier Pérez Guerra)
- project ‘Grammar and spokenness in the recent history of English’, funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (FFI2009-11274/FILO; PI: Javier Pérez Guerra)
- project ‘Constructionalisation in the history of English: syntactic and cognitive forces’, funded by Xunta de Galicia (INCITE08PXIB204016PR; PI at the University of Vigo: Javier Pérez Guerra)
- project 'Morphosyntactic variation in New Englishes', funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (FFI2011-26693-C02-02; PI: Cristina Suárez-Gómez; LVTC member: Elena Seoane)

Current projects


Empirical analysis of linguistic strategies of micro-variation in English


Variation in English Worldwide


Variation in micro-diachrony

Previous projects


‘The art of writing English’: A corpus of schoolchildren’s writings

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