Prof Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza, metaphors and metonymies


Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez stayed in April 2006 at the LVTC research unit and delivered a seminar on "New Developments in Cognitive Model Theory".

Cv details

Francisco José Ruiz de Mendoza Ibáñez is Professor of English Philology at the University of La Rioja. His teaching and research interests are focused on S.C. Dik’s Functional Grammar and, more recently, on cognitive modelling approaches. Among an extensive list of publications, one would underline his monographs Introducción a la Teoría Cognitiva de la Metonimia (1999, Método) and Metonymy, Grammar, and Communication (2002, Comares, co-authored by J.L. Otal Campo).

Contents of the seminar

  1. Theoretical preliminaries. Idealized Cognitive Models. Operational and non-operational models. Conceptual prominence. Cognitive operations.
  2. Classifying metaphor and metonymy. Perspectives and criteria.
  3. Constraints on metaphor and metonymy: The Extended Invariance, Correlation and Mapping Enforcement principles.
  4. Conceptual interaction and conceptual integration. Metonymic chains. The Combined Input Hypothesis.
  5. Levels of description. Primary, high and low level models.
  6. Cognitive models and grammar. High-level metaphor, high level metonymy and grammatical processes.
  7. Metonymy and anaphora. The Domain Availability Principle. Domain Precedence. Domain Combinability. The Constraint on Metonymy Anaphora.
  8. Situational and non-situational models. Pragmatic inferencing and operational models. Illocutionary constructions.