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Old English morphology and databases


Javier Martín Arista delivered the lecture "From the dictionary to the lexical database of Old English: theoretical, methodological and descriptive aspects" by invitation of the LVTC research group. In his talk, Dr Martín Arista discussed the theoretical, methodological and descriptive aspects involved in the compilation of the lexical database of Old English Nerthus (www.nerthusproject.com), and paid special attention to the role played by the units and processes of word-formation in the organization of the lexicon of an old Germanic language such as Old English. He also dealt with the methodological underpinning, including headword definition, database structure, field definition and relations, and raised several issues that relate to the questions of the graduality of word-formation processes and the directionality of derivation.

CV details

Javier Martín Arista is associate professor at the University of La Rioja. He holds a PhD on SVO and Passive Order in English: Synchronic, Diachronic and Typological Perspectives (University of Zaragoza, 1994). He has been a visiting scholar at the Universities of Sheffield (1996), Pennsylvania (1999), SUNY Buffalo (2000) and Amsterdam (2001) and has delivered lectures by invitation at several European and American universities, including Newcastle, Strathclyde, Sheffield Hallam, Queen Mary-London, Copenhagen, SDU-Odense and Toronto. Dr Martín Arista has published more than fifty book chapters and articles in journals specialising in theoretical linguistics, English studies and diachronic studies (co-author of Nuevas Perspectivas en Gramática Funcional, 1999; co-editor of Lingüística Histórica Inglesa, 2001; co-editor ofDeconstructing Constructions, 2009), and has supervised a number of doctoral dissertations in theoretical linguistics and Old English derivational morphology. He has taken part in many research projects in synchronic and diachronic linguistics, and is currently the leading researcher of the research Group in Functional Grammars at the University of La Rioja. Javier Martín Arista is editor of RæL-Revista Electrónica de Lingüística Aplicada.