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I have a BA in Elementary School Teaching (2010) and a BA in Foreign Languages with a specialization in English Linguistics (2016), both from the University of Vigo.  I completed an MA in Advanced English Studies at the same University, where I also wrote my dissertation on “Synchronic Variation in Clausal Complementation: The case of regret in British and American English" under the supervision of Elena Seoane. In November 2015, I was awarded a scholarship from the Spanish Ministry of Education (Beca de Colaboración) to work as a research assistant in the Department of English, French and German of the University of Vigo (from November 2015 to June 2016).

In December 2017,  I was awarded a two-year predoctoral grant from the University of Vigo to condunct my PhD research. In 2019 I obtained a four-year FPI research grant from the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. My PhD is entitled "Variation in the clausal complementation system in World Englishes: A corpus-based study of REGRET" [International doctorate; Cum Laude] and my advisors were Elena Seoane (University of Vigo) and Manfred Krug (University of Bamberg).

Currently I am a full-time postdoctoral fellow at the University of Vigo on a competitive three-year contract (Margarita Salas) funded by the European Union (Next Generation EU). During this time, I will be working at the University of Santiago de Compostela with the research group SPERTUS, where I will expand my research to include the teaching and learning English as a foreing language, among other topics.

I am a member of the ViEW research project (Variation in English Worldwide), a member of the LVTC (Language Variation and Textual Categorisation) research group and of the ELC (English Linguistics Circle) network.


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Visiting Assistant Professor, The College of Wooster
Lecturer, University of Cantabria
Senior lecturer in English language, Uni Liverpool
Senior lecturer - Helsinki Uni
Chair of English Linguistics, Uni Bamberg
Senior lecturer, Uni. Illes Balears
Full Professor, Uni. Illes Balears