Claudia de la Iglesia Sanjuán holds a BA in Foreign Languages (2017) from the University of Vigo and specialised in English Linguistics. During that time, she participated in the Erasmus+ programme in the University of Manchester (2014-2015) where she found her passion for Language Variation, Sociolinguistics and Phonology. For her BA dissertation, she was supervised by Dr. Rosalía Rodríguez Vázquez and studied how students enrolled in each of the four years of the degree in Foreign Languages realised the schwa vowel when reading a short text.

In 2019, she obtained an MA in Advanced English Studies and its Applications for which she wrote a Master’s dissertation, supervised by Dr. Rosalía Rodríguez Vázquez, entitled “Pitch Accent Production and Placement in English Wh-questions by Galician Spanish Speakers: A Case Study”. She explored the differences between the two languages and their intonation systems and whether there was intonational transfer in the placement and production of pitch accent in English Wh-questions in last-year students of the degree in Foreign Languages. Later that year, she was honoured with an Excellence Award within the same MA programme.

Currently, she continues working with Dr. Rosalía Rodríguez Vázquez as her supervisor on accent distinction, perception and attitudes in EFL university students for her PhD thesis.

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