Universidade de Vigo

Un(Middle-)earthing Tolkien


The research group Language Variation and Textual Categorisation (LVTC) is pleased to announce the celebration of the International Seminar 'Un(Middle-)earthing Tolkien: International Research Seminar on J. R. R. Tolkien’s Fiction' in Vigo on 29th May 2020. This seminar is intended as a discussion forum which will bring together senior scholars and early-career researchers from different countries and institutions for the purpose of presenting new strategies and approaches to the study of the reading, the reception and the reinterpretation of Tolkien’s fiction from a textual categorization perspective. The five talks will be delivered by Stuart D. Lee (University of Oxford), Andrea Nagy, (Károli Gáspár University, Budapest), Alberto Amoza Dávila (University of Santiago de Compostela), Adriana Taboada González (University of Vigo) and Miguel A. Gomes Gargamala (University of Sunderland). IMPORTANT: In the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, this seminar has been postponed to 2021.