Universidade de Vigo

On nonfinite supplements in Modern and Present-Day English


On 23 Feb 2018, the LVTC member Carla Bouzada-Jabois defended the so-called ‘maxi-presentation’ of her doctoral project “A corpus-based study of ing and ed subjectless supplements in the recent history of English” in Leuven. Carla’s dissertation, which is being supervised by Prof Javier Pérez-Guerra (LVTC) and Prof. Hubert Cuyckens (KU Leuven) under a co-tutelle agreement, deals, on the one hand, with the progressive syntactic, semantic and informative integration of nonfinite supplements into clause structure in Modern and Present-Day English. On the other hand, in her research Carla provides evindence in favour of a unified constructional treatment of (free-adjunct) supplements and related constructions (absolutes, in particular) in the recent history of the language.